BWL Tree Trimming update

BWL will begin removing what I currently estimate to be about 60 trees in Moores Park Neighborhood sometime after Halloween. Given the importance of trees for our health, home values and more, how much is cut this month will have a long lasting impact on all of us for years to come, so the time to act is now. Not every tree can be saved, but thankfully BWL has been responsive to our concerns and has so far reduced the number of trees to remove by about half of the original 100 or so double dotted trees. You can make a difference by:

1. Contacting BWL foresters (517) 702-6552 to try to save healthy mature trees on your property where possible. They may need to cut some things, but you can ask to adjust the trimming zone to save key limbs.

2. Asking your neighbors to do the same, especially those with large, beautiful trees.

3. Overseeing trimming. **If you ask, BWL will give you 24-hour notice of when they will cut your trees. Trimmers make mistakes like everyone else and some home owners have been shocked to come home to deformed trees. BWL has said that if people aren’t happy with a trim, they can return to remove a tree, but that’s a sad way to lose a good tree. If you’re on site, your presence and respectful questions can help shape what they cut. If you can’t be on site that day, post here and ask your neighbors if they can help.

Trees marked for removal will have a red dot or a blue x. Trees with 2 blue dots are recommended for removal but are awaiting a decision. Trees with 1 dot are to be trimmed.