BWL Tree Trimming – Moores Park

Moores Park Neighbors: The BWL has been through the neighborhood marking trees around the powerlines for tree trimming. If you have received a pink ticket from the BWL – please contact them about what tree trimming or removal they will be doing at your property. This is to start in November 2021.

A few neighbors have organized an effort to look at the tree trimming issue(s) and take those concerns to the BWL board and administration. For more information about them, you can contact the neighbors involved directly through the MPNO facebook group.

The initial issues are about cutting back severely or cutting down – mature, healthy trees around main power lines. Property owner statements and issues were sent to the BWL board before their September 28, 2021 meeting – which was held at the BWL conference room in the former train station in REO Town.

Moores Park neighbors Bryan Taylor and Alana Brinker, spoke during the public comment time of the meeting. There are three proposals for the BWL from neighbors to consider with regard to the tree trimming.

Ultimately, neighbors/property owners want the BWL to postpone any tree work in the neighborhood until a collaborative plan can be worked out together. Moores Park neighbors don’t need to start sacrifice trees that could be saved. 

For more information on BWL tree trimming practices, visit Tree Trimming |