Moores Park Pavilion Updates

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out for the meeting. Also, thanks to Parks and Recreation Director Brett Kaschinske for meeting with us and answering our questions.

The Moores Park pavilion was boarded up a few weeks ago because of safety concerns with the building. An inspection was completed and it has been found to be structurally unsound. We’ve been provided with the assessment done on the pavilion including pictures. Download the full inspection report here (pdf).

It was discussed at the meeting that neighbors and friends would like to continue to use a pavilion in the park. So, the Parks and Recreation department has provided us with 5 options (see below) to be considered now for the Moores Park pavilion, but we are in need of Moores Park neighbors input!

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We have been asked to come up with a majority option that neighbors would like to support. Attendees also said they would like to see a long-term solution in place. Those at the meeting held an informal vote and the most preferred option was Option #2. Of course, there are still unknowns about the budget and timelines for the project.

All options below are illustrating costs to rehabilitate or build a new pavilion to match the existing pavilion size that is 40 feet x 32.5 feet in plan area. Construction costs include 10% for mobilization and a 20% contingency due to a few unknowns to be figured out during the design phase.

Option 1: Shore Concrete Slab and Repair Top – Short Term (10 Year) Fix

$32K Construction + $7K Engineering + $4K CE&I = $43K
Place ellis shores and false decking under the existing concrete slab. Repair timber column bases. Patch edge of concrete slab under timber columns. Plumb structure and add timber bracing to existing structure.

Option 2: Demo, Build New in New Location – Long Term Fix

$30K Demo + $43K Pavilion and site construction + $8K Engineering + $8K CE&I = $89K
Demo Existing structure. Build new pavilion adjacent to existing structure on shallow footings with concrete slab.

Option 3: Fill Bottom and New – Long Term Fix

$101K Construction + $11K Engineering + $11K CE&I = $123K
Fill Basement with flowable fill or light weight concrete. Build new pavilion and attached to existing structure. Price could come down if light weight material is not required.  Flow fill and light weight concrete is expensive.

Option 4: New Walls, Fill and New Structure – Long Term Fix

$139K Construction + $14K Engineering + $14K CE&I = $167K
New stacked block walls around lower structure drop slab and backfill.  Build new pavilion over existing structure on shallow footings with concrete slab.

Option 5: Demo pavilion and buried structure, restore slope

$30K Construction + $3K Engineering + $3K CE&I = $36K

If you would like to contact us about this in more details please email If you have other questions about Moores Park or the City of Lansing Parks in general, you can call their office at 517-483-4277.