MPNO 2016 Survey results

In 2016, the MPNO created a survey for residents about the neighborhood. Download the results/questions (pdf). Here’s a short summary of the results:

1. How long have you lived here?

– Most have lived here 10 years or less (46 of 79).

2. Do you own, rent or lease?

– 92% were home owners

3. Describe atmosphere of neighborhood?

– 47% (almost half – 37 of 79) said we have a “Friendly” neighborhood

4. Do you feel like you’re part of neighborhood?

– 78% said they felt like a part of the neighborhood. (17 responded ‘no’ of 79)

5. What is your favorite part of neighborhood?

Top four answers:

56% – Neighbors (39)
55% – Park (38)
47% – River Trail (33)
34% – Proximity to downtown (24)

6. Rate Concerns in the Neighborhood:

Most were very concerned about:

Crime – 65% (45),
Unkept Rentals 50% (31),
Speeding 36% (24),
Road/Sidewalk Repairs 35% (23),
Unkept Yards 35% (23),
Vandalism 33% (21),
Park Trash 27% (17)

Most were somewhat concerned over:

Road/sidewalk repairs 51% (33),
Alleys 50% (31),
Snow removal 48% (29),
Park trash 40% (25)

Most were not concerned about:
Basketball hoops 70% (41) ,
Traffic 61% (36),
Street lighting 59% (35),
Street parking 50% (31)

7. How are the public services in our neighborhood?

The best public services were:
 Trash/recycling 75% (50),
 Fire Protection 70% (43),
Recreation 54% (36)
The poorest were:
Street repair/maintenance 39% (37),
Snow plowing/removal 20% (12),
Community Education 11% (7)
8. Is there a city service our Neighborhood needs?

There were 24 responses for identifying a needed service, if yes.

The repeated responses were:
Repair for potholes/roads (4 responses)
More activities for young people/kids (4 responses)
Working park restroom (3 responses)
Tree maintenance (2 responses)

12. What type of neighborhood communication would be most helpful?

Most would like to hear by email 56% (26) and Facebook 54% (25). Least by website 10% (5) and phone 6% (3).

2017 Neighborhood Schedule of Events

  • March 8: Regular Meeting, 6:30-8pm (2017/18 board nominations accepted)
  • Early April: Spring Newsletter and Welcome Bag Distribution
  • April 8: Easter Egg Hunt, (rain date April 9)
  • May 13: Spring Planting and Park Clean-Up
  • June 14: Regular Meeting, 6:30- 8pm (voting for 2017/18 board members)
  • 3rd Saturday June – Sept.: Driveway Movie Nights
  • Late Summer (August/Sept): 2nd Annual PorchFest
  • September 13: Regular Meeting, 6:30- 8pm
  • October 14: Fall Park Clean-Up

December 5 Meeting & Update

We will be having a special meeting this coming Monday, Dec. 5th from 6:30- 8pm to discuss 2017 priorities based on the survey conducted earlier this year, decide what events we’d like to hold and determine whether or not to apply for the two grants that are available to neighborhood groups from the city this year. The meeting will be at St. Casimir in room 107. See you there!

Oct. 6 Meeting & Update from the President

Thank you to everyone who helped with PorchFest or came out to listen to the music! The musicians were great, the weather cooperated and it was a good event overall. We had so much fun that we’re going to do it again next year! We took notes on ways to improve and are going to get started planning much earlier. Look for the first planning committee meeting to take place in March!

If you haven’t been on the city’s website lately, you may want to check it out- It’s been redesigned and is much easier to navigate. They have launched a new mobile app, Lansing Connect which is a mobile and online service request system. With this new system, it is very easy to take a picture of an issue such as park graffiti or a code violation, mark it on a map and send a request. This will replace the SeeClickFix app so go ahead and download the new app if you haven’t already!

We will be meeting next Thursday, Oct. 6th from 7-8pm at St. Casimir to review the park assessment that we conducted last year and identify priorities as a group before attending the parks board meeting on Oct.12th. We plan to present our suggestions for Moores Park based on current uses and the assessment findings.

The MPNO officers are working to wrap up the two grants that we received this year and starting to look at options for next year’s grants. You’ll notice a brick entrance sign going up soon in the 200 block of Barnes which, was one of the grant funded projects for 2016. We’ll be asking for help with landscaping around it so that the sign really stands out!

President, MPNO