Neighborhood Resource Summit

On February 13, the City of Lansing held a Housing and Neighborhood Resource Summit that featured upcoming projects from Lansing Board of Water & LightCity of Lansing Public Service DepartmentLansing Parks and Recreation and the Ingham County Land Bank.

There were projects that effect the Moores Park neighborhood including the update to an ADA compliant canoe portage and an April start for the sewer separation project.  Download the powerpoint (pptx) or view the powerpoint below for more project information.

Moores Park 2017 Candidates Forum – October 25

The MPNO is proud to present a public forum for the 4th Ward, At Large, and Mayoral candidates for the upcoming November 7th City General Election. This is an opportunity for candidates to introduce themselves to the residents of Moores Park and address issues which effect the Moores Park neighborhood and Lansing in general.

The forum is on Wednesday, October 25 at the St. Casimir Church on Barnes Ave, Lansing, MI from 6-8pm. Please take this opportunity to come and hear candidates speak as well as participate in an open forum period.

If you have specific questions please submit them in advance at Questions can be submitted from Wednesday October 11th until Wednesday October 18th.

Please note that MPNO does not endorse any candidate for political office and all 4th Ward, At Large, and Mayoral candidates were invited to attend this forum.

Wet Weather Control Program – Public Meeting – Oct 19

Moores Park Neighborhood Map

The meeting is October 19 at the St. Casimir Church starting at 7pm for residents and property owners in or near the construction area (see map image above – this will affect a good portion of the Moores Park neighborhood) to learn more about the construction and get information including:

  • when work will be conducted in your immediate area (i.e., on your street);
  • where to park your vehicles when construction is on your street;
  • what is the typical duration of construction on a neighborhood block; and
  • why the project is necessary.

Attendess will also have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns with City officials.

What is the CSO Project?

As part of the City’s comprehensive Wet Weather Control Program (WWCP), a sewer separation and road construction project designed to eliminate combined sewer overflows (CSOs) will begin in your area in the spring of 2018. This project, the CSO 034C Project, will prevent sewage from entering our Grand and Red Cedar Rivers, as well as helping to reduce the frequency of sewer backups into the basements of homes and businesses during severe storms.

For more information and complete map download the public meeting notice (pdf).

MPNO recommendation for the Moores Park Pavilion

Please read the MPNO recommendation for the Moores Park Pavilion (pdf). This was reviewed and approved at the MPNO September 13 meeting. The opinions and survey summaries represented in the letter are based on respondents who live within the Moores Park Neighborhood geographic boundaries.

If you have any questions please contact MPNO President Mike Prohaska at